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Why Music?

As I sat in the studio with Mike Wells, one of LA’s seasoned mastering engineers and now a dear friend, discussing music he said, “everyone’s making music now. It’s hard to capture people's attention.” I couldn’t agree more. I could have completed his sentence.

Why is everyone making music? Is it to be famous, because technology is so accessible, or because

they can't imagine doing anything else with their time here on earth? Nevertheless, how can I, or other artists who can’t breathe without music, be heard through the noise and seen in the crowd?

Well I have been singing and writing my entire life, but professionally for the last 12 years now. It has been rewarding but the challenges have ranked just as high. My goal is to “think outside the box" when sharing my music. I know you may have heard people say this, but it’s true for me; I don’t care about the fame. I just want to make a living doing what I love!

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